Medical Response Unit - EMS 45 (Old Command 45)

Command 45 has been re-purposed as a medical responce unit (MRU) and replaced with a new command vehice. MRU 45 has been detailed to run on medial assist calls to replace the need to run Rescue 45. The MRU is equipped with various types of medical equipment to provide medical care until the ambulance arrives.  2011 Chevrolet Suburban Command Unit.  Rear command area with radio communications and accountability area, Command board, SCBA, extinguishers, AED, Trauma kit w/ O2, and various hand tools. Assigned to the Fire Chief and the Weekly Duty Officer. 

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  • Wed Sep, 27 2023 @ 14:39

    Nature: Withheld
    Location: Station 6K - Chestertown
    Address: 211 Maple Ave

    City: , DE 00000

  • Tue Sep, 26 2023 @ 14:16

    Nature: Traffic Collision
    Location: Smyrna
    Address: Sunnyside Rd and Hillyard Rd

    City: , DE 00000

  • Fri Sep, 22 2023 @ 12:40

    Nature: Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
    Location: Providence Crossing - Clayton
    Address: 260 Coldwater Dr

    City: , DE 00000