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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday evening at 6:02pm the station along with Ambulance 51 were dispatched for the motor vehicle accident with injuries at Hillyard Road and Sunnyside Road.  With Rescue 45 w/4, Lt. Jonathan Burnett being on a Fire Prevention program at Station 51 they quickly made a response follwed by Engine 45-4 w/5, Firefighter Tim Conrad and Brush 45 w/2, Firefighter Jim Miller.  Past Chief Jeff Lightcap arrived ahead of emergency equipment and advised incoming units a door pop woudl be needed.  Engine 45-4 arrived just ahead of the rescue and began stabilizing the vehicle with the crew from the rescue performing the door pop on their arrival.  The operator was transported to Smyrna/Clayton ER for treatment.  Lt. Joanthan Burnett had the command.  Unist responding; Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, Sta 45 Fire Police, CPD and DSP.  Photo's courtesy Joe Jones and Mike Carroll. 

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