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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday afternoon at 2:20pm the station along with Station 44, Station 51 and Ambulance 64 were dispatched for the Commercial Structure fire at 77 W. Duck Creek Road, Hanover Foods.  Responding units were advised the caller was reporting smoke in the area of one of the mechanic rooms on the facility.  Command 45 w/ Asst. Chief Jeff Lightcap and Engine 45-2 w/4, Captain Austin Moorhead arrived together with a one story food processing facility with nothing evident from the exterior.  Emergency apparatus were directed to the corn processing building towards the front of the complex.  The crew from 45-2 stretched the 250' while the driver assisted by plant personnel hand stretched a 4" supply to a hydrant about 300' away.  The crew from 45-2 encounter smoke in the processing room with an active fire in a storage room deep in the building.  Quint 45 w/6, Captain Jonathan Burnett arrived behind the engine their crew split with half performing the primary search and the other going to the roof.  Engine 44-3 and Engine 45-3 w/5, Firefighter Rich Walton arrived together 45-3 picked up the hydrant to 45-2 while 44-3's crew stretched a second handline.  Rescue 45 w/5 Firefighter Vernon Berghorn, Engines 44-4, 51-2, Rescue 51 and Rescue 43 all arrived on scene and their manpower was assigned functions on the scene from the secondary search to assisting with overhaul and ventilation.  The fire was contained to the storage room. The primary search located one employee still in the building who was escorted out while the secondary was negative. EMS units set up a rehab area as temperative were in the 90's with a heat index over 100.  The Delaware State Fire Marshals is investigating.  Chief Lightcap had the Clayton Command.  Units responding; Command 45, Engines 45-2, 45-3, 44-3, 44-4, 51-2, Quint 45, Rescue's 45 & 43, Brush 45, Utility 45, B-64, KM6, FM15 (Sipple).  Photo's courtesy Austin Moorhead.     

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