Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Last night during the June Company Meeting Firefighter Jason Carolls son Jaxon attended the meeting to the company to present the money he had raised for the fire company to help pay for the new Tower Ladder.  Jaxon, who is 5 years old, is a fixture at the firehouse when his dad is there heard about the new Tower Ladder being pruchased by the company and wanted to help in his small way.  In Spring Jaxon's parents held a Yard Sale and they decided with Jaxon that he would have a Lemon  Aid Booth.  Jaxon sold lemon aid to those that stopped by at his parents Yard Sale and in the end he had raised $130.00 for the fire company.  At the meeting Jaxon presented President Hurlock and Vice President Whalen with the money he had raised.  The Officers and Members would like to thank Jaxon for his donation towards the new truck.   

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