Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Each month the Clayton Fire Company takes the time to recognize a member or the fire company at our regular fire company meeting. This member is awarded a certificate and a $50.00 gift card for their activities during the prior month. 
At the May meeting the company recognized Alison Pedigo, Alison in the month of April responded to 19 alarms, attended to assist with 5 fund raising activities, 5 miscellaneous points, 2 training sessions, and the April company meeting. Alison accumulated 34 points for the month and has 158 points for the year.  Please, if you see Alison thank her for her dedication to the community.

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  • Wed Sep, 27 2023 @ 14:39

    Nature: Withheld
    Location: Station 6K - Chestertown
    Address: 211 Maple Ave

    City: , DE 00000

  • Tue Sep, 26 2023 @ 14:16

    Nature: Traffic Collision
    Location: Smyrna
    Address: Sunnyside Rd and Hillyard Rd

    City: , DE 00000

  • Fri Sep, 22 2023 @ 12:40

    Nature: Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
    Location: Providence Crossing - Clayton
    Address: 260 Coldwater Dr

    City: , DE 00000