Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday morning at 11:29 the station along with Ambulance 64, KM6, KM5 and Trooper 4 were dispatched for the vehicle accident with a reporte ejection at Blackistons Road and Chance Road just north of Kenton.  Command 45 w/Asst. Chief Joe Jones, Engine 45-3, w/5, Firefighter Amber Johnson, Engine 45-2 w/2 Crew Leader Dakoyta Correll and EMS 45 w/3, Firefighter Kenny Rife make the response.  Clayton units along with ALS and BLS from Ambulance 64 arrived to find a 3 vehicle accident with 3 reported injuries.  Crews secured the cars while EMS crews began patient care.  An additional BLS unit was requested from Station 51.  One patient was transported to CER via Trooper 4 while a second was transported to KGH and the third patient refused transport.  Fire Police assisted with traffic control.  Assistant Chief Jones had the Command.  Units responding; Command 45, EMS 45, Engines 45-3, 45-2, D-64, B-64, B-51, KM5, KM6, Trooper 4, Station 45 Fire Police.  Photos by Joe Jones.    

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